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Don't Talk to Strange Men1962

  • 3.4
A young girl accepts a lift home from a stranger. Moments later she lies dead; another victim of the murderer who is targeting young, impressionable women. Whilst Jean (Christina Gregg) is waiting for a bus on a deserted country lane she answers the ringing telephone in the public callbox. Although it is a wrong number she begins to chat with the charming stranger and is attracted to his seductive voice. Imagining a romantic, schoolgirl dalliance, Jean calls herself Samantha and arranges for the man to call her at the callbox the next night. Scared for her safety, Jean's parents forbid her and her younger sister to go out alone at night whilst the murderer is still at large. But Jean continues her schoolgirl dalliances with her romantic stranger and arranges to meet him on a dark and lonely night at the callbox.

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This British production includes some suspenseful and creepy moments. In an age before the internet, a telephone booth (close to a bus stop) serves as the means for stalking a naive young lady. The suspense grows as her even younger sister gets involved. The ending wraps up very quickly and is a bit too predictable.

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Alternatively titled 'Don't Be So Bloody Stupid!"

Did have an enjoyably tense ending though.

Great keeps you interested

This is one movie that makes you wish you didn't have daughters. I have two and I thought of them during the whole movie. Don't want to spoil the ending.

Disturbing cautionary tale.