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  • 3.9
When a beautiful young Grace arrives in the isolated township of DOGVILLE, the small community agrees to hide her from a gang of ruthless gangsters, and, in return, Grace agrees to do odd jobs for the townspeople. But as the search for her intensifies, they demand a much better deal. What they don’t know is that Grace has a dangerous secret, and their quiet little town will never be the same.
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Member Reviews (1)

The movie is a filmed play that is well staged. The story moves slowly at times. I almost gave up on the film on this one in during the first one-half hour. The director deserves some credit for assembling an amazing cast of actors. I enjoyed the ensemble acting, and seeing Nicole Kidman, Lauren Bacall and Harriet Andersson, who appeared in many Ingmar Bergman films, in the same film. It is not clear to me why the film takes place in America. It seems more a movie about human nature and power than statement about the economic system in the United States. The last 30 minutes to an hour include some thought provoking dialogue.