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Doctor Blood's Coffin1961

  • 3.0
After being expelled from medical school in the big city, Dr. Peter Blood returns to his childhood home in Porthcarron, a remote village in Cornwell, where he is free to continue his dangerous and unauthorized experiments on people. While his father, the small town's doctor, is excited about his sons arrival, the mysterious disappearances of several citizens and medical supplies have the entire town on edge. DOCTOR BLOOD'S COFFIN is a trend-setting example of 1960s classic horror, a compelling mix of strong characterization, shocking ideas with a great deal of on-screen graphic bone chilling gore.

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Member Reviews (4)

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top reviewer

the movie I just saw does not have a interesting plot short on horror and I lost interest in it very quickly mediocre acting and I do not suggest this one if you are looking for thrills they aren't o be found here!

top reviewer

You have a very short attention span.

This is a nice, solid, earnest little movie with a good cast. It's kind of soothing to watch and the ending is fun. If you're looking for more modern horror this probably isn't your cup of tea. (Get it? English? Tea? Okay, nevermind.) But if you like these old, dated horror/thrillers, this one's worth a look.

Yet another boring British horror film.

A good example of the era and genre. Some bad writing but, for the most part, reasonably good acting. Certainly not a must see, although Frankenstein fans might enjoy the parallels. I would think most people wouldn't find it worth their time. However, as movies of this ilk were popular during my childhood, I almost always find them enjoyable.