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also known as 101.35 euros

Do You Know Klaus Kinski?2006

  • 2.9
Does Berlin remember Kinski? Should they? DO YOU KNOW KLAUS KINKSI? is part of Mike Plante's Lunchfilm series of commissioned shorts (made for the cost of a lunch between Plante and filmmakers Ian Ritterskamp and Sebastien Wolf).

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Does it matter if a bunch of random British people remember Klaus Kinski? No. Nor should we expect them to. At first, I thought this was going to be a bit of a tiresome rehash of Kinski's mental illness, which seems to attract followers whether or not it made him a better actor (and perhaps it did under the right direction). But the majority of this just ends up being a random conversation with a character on a British street, which means it doesn't even add up to what I worried it would be. It just really isn't anything at all.

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Absolutely pointless. And what makes this worse is that apparently even the interviewer doesn't seem to know Klaus Kinski and gives him a daughter called "Natasha" and is unsure whether he had ever played in English language productions.

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Thanks to Fandor, I know Klaus Kinski, who I had only heard of before. But we all want to know and see more of Klaus Kinski ...

Poor Klaus! All those movies and no one remembers him.

Basically, no one knows Klaus Kinski. :) I think this short would be amusing to people who actually do know Klaus Kinski, but either way there's not much to gain here. I'm sure it makes a little more sense in the context that this was part of a series of commissioned shorts.