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Dixie Dynamite1976

  • 2.9
Moonshine Tom and his two down-home daughters Dixie and Patsy (Jane Anne Johnstone and Kathy McHaley) enjoy an idyllic existence in a backwater Georgia town until the sheriff (Christopher George) and the Feds bust his still. In the excitement, old Tom is “accidentally” killed. When Dixie and Patsy hear the news about their father’s death from the dopey local deputy, the girls become suspicious. It turns out the “Feds” were really hoods, hired by a greedy competitor, who is trying to move in and monopolize the town's moonshine business. Now destitute without their father's support, the girls enlist the aid of family friend, Mack (Warren Oates), and together they set out to take revenge on the dirty sheriff and the bad guys. Along the way, they manage to blow up most of the sleepy little town!

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Member Reviews (2)

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top reviewer

a footloose and funny thrill ride the movie Dixie dynamite is easygoing and a lot of fun to watch I enjoyed also funny at times and great actors and great for entertainment!

top reviewer

I wanted to like it. I wanted it to be a alternate universe Dukes of Hazard but it was not to be.