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  • 3.9
Every year in America we throw away 96 billion pounds of food (263 million pounds a day). Inspired by a curiosity about society's careless habit of sending good, edible food straight to landfills, the multi award-winning documentary DIVE! follows filmmaker Jeremy Seifert and friends as they dumpster dive in the back alleys and gated garbage receptacles of Los Angeles' supermarkets. In the process, they salvage thousands of dollars worth of good, edible food, resulting in an eye-opening documentary that is equal parts entertainment, guerilla journalism and call to action.

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Member Reviews (5)

top reviewer

Very interesting! I'd always known there was great waste but not to this scale.

I had no idea so much food is wasted. It's shameful how much food they found in the dumpsters and how little the companies talked to him. My eyes are completely open to this huge issue and I am going to find a way to help out.

Low budget, but very informative. Obviously a piece from the heart.

Awesome, eye-opening experience!!

Definitely an eyeopening documentary with some humor, seriousness and other emotions. This film shot using doc modes like educational, essay, observational, participatory and even poetic, it was structured and mastered proper. I loved it.