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  • 4.2
As a teenager, filmmaker Pearl Gluck left her Orthodox Jewish clan in Brooklyn for secular life in Manhattan. Many years later, Pearl’s father has one wish: that she marry and return to the community. Pearl, however, takes a more creative approach to mend the breach. She travels to Hungary to retrieve a turn-of-the-century family heirloom: a couch upon which esteemed rabbis once slept. En route for the ancestral divan, Pearl encounters a colorful cast of characters who provide guidance and inspiration, including a couch exporter, her ex-Communist cousin in Budapest, a pair of Hungarian-American matchmakers and a renegade group of formerly ultra-Orthodox Jews. Nimbly clever and intensely illuminating, DIVAN is a visual parable that offers the possibility of personal reinvention and cultural re-upholstery.

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fantastic! you don't get everything you think you 'have' to have - divine intervention happens...

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fantastic! you don't get everything you think you 'have' to have - divine intervention happens...

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top reviewer

Interesting if somewhat glib take on what it means to be a woman

in the Hassidic sect. The narrator takes us on a journey back to

the old country in Hungary in search of a legendary divan on which

four great rebbees have slept. In doing so she leads us to the heart

and soul of Hassidic ritual.


Excellent insight into Hassidic culture. Beautiful photography and interesting narration. Thank you for the wonderful shots of Hungary, home of some of my ancestors and a place I would like to someday see.

excellent story