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Disco Godfather1979

  • 3.3
Rudy Ray Moore's fourth in a series of cult favorites finds him playing an ex-cop called back into action to stop an angel dust producer.

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"Put your weight on it! Put your weight on it, put your weight ooon it!"

Make no doubt about it, folks, this little piece of 70's blacksploitation is completely off the wall banana pants, cuckoo for cocoa puffs crazy! Rudy Ray Moore stars as the Disco Godfather, a local ex cop (maybe detective?) who is a well known figure in his community, and also a disco club owner. When his Cousin Bucky makes a drug fueled scene in the middle of a "Put your weight on it!" dance sequence ("what has he had?""Bucky, what has you done to yo'self?"), The Godfather goes on the hunt to the track down the source of the community killing "angel dust" and won't stop until he's got all them sons of b*tches licked! Ya dig?

If you like completely insane, somewhat surreal flicks, mixed in with your blacksploitation tonic--or just love a good bad movie, absolutely check this film out! The ending had me rolling around with laughter.

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top reviewer

if you are looking for a 70s music movie this is a good choice lots of disco dancing now for a stort to follow that's exciting here it lacks a lot not much excitement in this one..descent photography!

top reviewer

Decent photography? It's a Rudy Ray Moore exploitation movie? Your reviews have these A-Movie standards when your watch list if full of B-Movies. It's like you're looking for a wine list at In & Out Burger.