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Dirty Pretty Things2002

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  • 4.2
Part of an invisible working class, Nigerian exile Okwe and Turkish chambermaid Senay toil at a posh West London hotel that is full of illegal activity. They live in constant fear of deportation when one night, Okwe stumbles across evidence of a bizarre murder, setting off a series of events that could lead to disaster or freedom.

Member Reviews (4)

A look at the underside of life as a refugee in and affluent country.

Excellent. A bit on the conventional side for my taste but the acting is excellent and the plot has interesting twists. Many would probably give it a 5 star rating but I personally reserve 5 star ratings for the best of the best.

Excellent filmmaking...The film editing and music added to the suspense. The first half was better than than the second, but the film is fast paced. The acting is excellent particularly the talents of Mr. Ejiofor and Ms. Tautou. The strength of their character development carries the film throughout.

Even though it began with a 5-star premise, as well as having had some poignant moments, the movie's ending was much too forced, in addition to its never knowing what overall experience it wanted to convey. Realism? Social criticism? Triumph of the individual against the insurmountable odds of a racist and rigorously class-based system? When a body part is found jammed into a hotel room toilet, one almost gets a hint of the surreal. Not that it would have had to be only one (or any) of these conventional genres, but the movie lacked any inner logic. The story also would have profited by revealing a glimpse of the occasional hotel guest. Chiwetel Ejiofor's performance was solid as the sleep-deprived cabbie with a calm demeanor (and unspoken past), but his part was written too one-dimensionally, and too much an unsung "hero" in advance of the plot's natural progression because his back story was kept from us to no effect. More human frailty needed to be written into his character from the beginning.