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Delmer Builds a Machine2010

  • 3.4
An account of the most important event in recorded history.

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Official selection of the 2010 Mill Valley Film Festival.

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this had me looking for a tiger named hobbes

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this had me looking for a tiger named hobbes

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I love those films that stir up a hornet's nest and then abruptly walk away. This is one such film. Enjoy!

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I don't get it!. Where did the guy fall from?

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A film that says more in 2 minutes than most Hollywood epics do in 2 hours.

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Absolute unexpected blast!

Fun short, with a thought-provoking end.

With a very smart way of using close ups to frame the action, Delmer shows us what he is capable of with an amazing punch line.

Whimsical little flick with a twist.




wow that kid's mum is going to kill him! of course this does absolve me of all feelings of guilt, at least i didn't do that!

Ouch, right in the childhood...

thought it was Zeus!

That was not what i was expecting.

Did not expect that... Cool idea. Wait until the kid finds out who that was... Uh oh.

This is bluh-y brilliant.

YEAH.... THAT'S GONNA BE A LONG "TIME OUT" AT THE VERY LEAST... I'm thinking... "to err is human, to forgive... divine". Oh, right...

I think that the montage it's very well done, it has a good rhythm and has a good ending, the shots have very nice composition but i think that we see a lot of the kid building that machine that can turn out to be boring in some moment.

Brilliant little film!