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also known as Col cuore in gola | I Am What I Am

Deadly Sweet1967

  • 3.4
Starring seventeen year old beauty contest winner Ewa Aulin and Jean-Louis Trintignant, DEADLY SWEET is a most unusual crime story. In the film, a French actor finds his business contact lying murdered on the floor. Rather than call the police, he decides to protect the young woman at the scene and nail down the true killers (which puts him on a collision course with the London underworld). DEADLY SWEET leads us through a mind-bending series of pop-art visuals by renowned erotic cartoonist Guido Crepax, split screens, triple split screens and the seductive rock score by Armando Trovajoli. Filmmaker Tinto Brass, wrote the screenplay in 1967, loosely adapted from a novel by Sergio Donati, as an outrageous attempt to turn the crime genre on its head. It can be said that with this film Cinema Fumetti (comic-book movies) was invented prior to the more known DANGER: DIABOLIK and BARBARELLA.

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top reviewer

Art cinema meets crime film in this frenetic display of style. Touches of Godard and Antonioni abound as the very photogenic Trintignant and Aulin dive into solving the murder of a club owner in 1960s London. There are moments when the film swings into full avant-garde mode, breaking up into split screens, alternating from b&w to color, and utilizing disorienting cuts. Overall, it is a delightfully unexpected work from Tinto Brass.

I would love to visit the London that is portrayed in the film.

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top reviewer

BIFF! BANG! POW! Pop art meets pulp fiction. This movie writes a pretty big IOU to Antonioni’s “Blow Up,” but it finds its own cool trajectory on the swingin’ streets of 1967 London. Forget about trying to follow the plot, just enjoy the ride: it’s a Jaguar with the top down.

top reviewer

This has a definite pulp fiction, sin city vibe, and feel to it. Great italian giallo all around.

top reviewer

mostly silly but cool too_the cinematography is cool_i really like the b&w & color_the girl (Ewa) is super cute_it's really fun_very trippy in an odd sort of way

Perfect film of a time and place when nothing should be taken too seriously but everything was thought to have some meaning. Enjoyed it very much although it took two sittings.

A mid 20th century art classic. I like the ending.

good show