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also known as Thursday Till Sunday

De jueves a domingo2011

  • 3.7
  • passes the bechdel test
It all begins on a Thursday when two children go on a holiday trip with their parents to the north of Chile. It all ends on a Sunday. Lucía and Manuel travel for the long weekend with their parents, Ana and Fernando. The couple has decided to break up but has previously promised their children to go to the north, so they decide to travel anyway. The journey slowly turns into a final goodbye. It’s a long route. The landscape's loneliness and the car's confinement begin to surface the troubles of the couple. The children just want to get to the beach; Fernando, to a piece of land his father has left him; and Ana, to a nonexistent place where things are fine again. THURSDAY TILL SUNDAY is Lucía's distant and fragmented outlook on this last family trip.

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Taking a road trip - very real, typical and ubiquitous family dynamics - but when we ride with this family long enough, it soon becomes a window into young Lucia's experience of her parents' failings, indiscretions and complicated love. Her world is meshed into theirs, and for us the scene is mediative, nuanced, subtle, and even more real.

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4 1/2_loved most of it_pretty magic in parts_Lucia is totally wonderful_Manuel is fun & Jose is really cool_ a sad but beautiful trip

Slowest film I have ever seen. Some interesting views into their family relationships, and some interesting POV filming but pretty much think it had little point to watching it.

A slice of life story about parents and children and how we all still need to grow up , no matter what is our age sometimes. Honest and thought provoking, but somewhat uneven...

A frustrating film. Two loving parents who turned out not to give a fig about their family? Or, care about the safety of their children - no seat belts! letting the kids ride on TOP of the car's roof! running off into the desert leaving the kids hunting for them! The pre-pubescent daughter seemed the wisest of the lot of characters - always watching everything the adults did, never showing any emotion - those big, haunting eyes, looking. But, what was the point? What was the take away? Road trips are boring? Adults are just big bratty children? A slice of life of some not very interesting people?