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Daughters of Chaos1980

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  • 3.9
Anne Becker writes, "The film deals simultaneously with girls becoming women, woman looking back on her childhood. It is pervaded with voluptuousness, with longing: the woman, disappointed in love, looking for lost innocence, the girl yearning for the power of her sex."



Member Reviews (1)

interesting how the body of the younger girl is juxtaposed with the body of the naked lady as well as the back of the bride... in some ways, the younger girl's body is seen as not quite grown into what it will be while still somehow maintaining a sort of truth of what the physique is seen as in society ( as not whole "yet"). this also touches on how so much of the time, criticism of females is done by other females- this is how men hurt us...we internalize the hate that we have been learned, it is important to emphasize that this is not natural. This socialization is not natural. Perhaps this is the beauty of this film... how the nature (flowers) are juxtaposed against forms of socialization to show us that none of this is natural... even the symbol of flowers is one that we have given as humans making meaning. Anyways, this was a nice thing to see.