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Dance, Little Children1961

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  • 3.3
Remember Lynn. You will see her again. The legendary Herk Harvey (CARNIVAL OF SOULS) knows how to bring fear to a small town. Fear, here, arrives with two initials: the letter "V" and the letter "D" (and I think we all know what that means). Unfortunately, Lynn falls for the wrong guy. Things go a bit too far after their date at the dance. What could happen? Enough, if you're not careful.


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A surprisingly sensitive treatment not only of the dangers of syphilis, but also of what can be done to stop an outbreak among young people. Particular focus is given to the role of parental involvement, both good and bad. Instead of the usually alarmist treatment I've come to expect of similar topics in other public service announcements of the era, this piece impressed with its emphasis on information, pragmatism, proactive engagement, and compassionate, nonjudgmental parenting. The government is portrayed here not as the moralizing guardian of chastity but as partners with the medical community and the greater community in tracking down and stamping out an outbreak, while parents are encouraged to support their children with love and understanding while they try to overcome a dangerous but treatable disease. The emphasis on privacy and confidentiality is also noteworthy. All in all, a thoughtful, well-executed piece.

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