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Damned If You Don't1984

  • 3.6
DAMNED IF YOU DON'T is Friedrich's subversive and ecstatic response to her Catholic upbringing. Blending conventional narrative technique and impressionistic camerawork, symbols and voice-overs, the film creates an intimate study featuring Peggy Healy as a young nun tormented by her desire for the sultry and irresistible Ela Troyano.

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Member Reviews (1)

I vote this film as having one of the most erotic scenes in movies. The rest of the movie was good too! It begins with a narrator retelling the story of the film "Black Narcissus" as an introduction to the theme of sexual repression as advanced by the Catholic Church. But with sexual repression comes sexual tension, and with sexual tension comes release, which brings me full circle back to my first statement in this review.