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Cut to Black2013

  • 3.4
CUT TO BLACK is the story of disgraced former NYPD detective Bill Ivers. Ivers is on a self-destructive path, plagued by debt, struggling with alcoholism, and carrying on a risky affair with his landlord's wife. Presented with a lucrative offer, Ivers agrees to help his former friend and mentor, John Lord, in a bid to reconcile with his estranged daughter Jessica, by getting rid of a petty stalker. To do so, Ivers must enter Jessica's nocturnal world, The Confessional, the club where she works as a stripper, and contend with her suspicious boyfriend and his disreputable colleagues. Ivers uncovers a tangled web of corruption and deceit that threatens more than one life, but also offers the chance for true redemption. Shot in lavish black-and-white tones, CUT TO BLACK is a gorgeous cinematic tribute to classic noir, set against stark, gritty urban modernity. Nobody gets away clean in this gripping story of love, loyalty, and sacrifice.

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Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

I got lost without a map. Made the 20 minute mark, and then I faded to black.

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top reviewer

It takes awhile to understand what is going on in this film but sticking with it yields a really good tale. Great photography!

top reviewer

beautiful film_everyone is really good_shot really well_story a bit strange

Yes it,s just so GOOD! Says Your Brno in Love!

This almost works. It, somehow, trying not to sound all arty up in here, deserves to succeed. But, for me, ultimately, it didn't. The lead guy does well. Maybe his fine effort is debunked by what? The insincerity of other actors? Hell, I don't know. I'm just an old redneck who likes movies. But I've been through enough good ones & terminated enough bad ones to know when one disappoints, but shouldn't have. Worth a watch for the lead actor. Hope we see him again. I do agree that it's shot well, is quirky. Maybe that's tries too hard at quirkiness...

- yeh, 'okay' NY indie film (lotsa 'buds' in this cast/crew) reminds of 'Grand Torino'/'Drive' (soundtrack) - maybe a little 'other' NY indies such as 'Rob The Mob' - liked the cine (b+w) simple/brutal/'closed'/convenient I say an 'ok' watch...