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  • 3.4
CRUSH is an anthology of four stories that examine the many feelings of longing and love. In DON'T ASK, a devoted couple is forced to confront their feelings regarding love and war when one of them begins to question his military service. The obsessions of an eager teenager lead him into the arms of a fellow classmate who hides a dangerous secret in BLOODLINE. In STROKES, despise turns to affection as a young student learns some difficult life lessons when he accepts an internship with a surly, world-famous artist. Lastly, BREATHE explores the true meaning of having a crush. Told from the overly romanticized writings of a teen-ager for his classmate, BREATHE depicts the haunting beauty of first love.

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Four different stories of how relationships begin, grow, and sometimes have to end. Each one gave hope in different ways to young gay men as they were struggling with identity and relationships. All were well presented and acted...very easy to believe.

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A brave, independent, well filmed and edited set of shorts. Their earnestness was the best feature. I found the subject matter a little trite, though the first film, about an Iraqi war veteran saying goodbye to his lover and friends before his second tour, was surprisingly ambitious and successful.

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Four different stories of how relationships begin, grow, and sometimes have to end. Each one gave hope in different ways to young gay men as they were struggling with identity and relationships. All were well presented and acted...very easy to believe.

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absolutely LOVED it. All four shorts were great but the fourth one, BREATHE was particularly poignant and meaningful for me, having had a similar childhood experience.

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Very disappointing!

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I was expecting more. 'bloodline' could have sizzled by not stumbling over storyline, transitions, the interruption and the vampire's eye-rolling dialogue; 'breathe' was closest to 'truth and beauty' despite bumbles on storyline transitions and a tad overdone on the obsession but could the boys have at least enjoyed a real kiss and embrace after all that? i can't even remember the other three ...

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50% Two good ones. Two - bad? Personal opinion, mind you.

The best one: The "military" couple, by far.

Some of the others: "What does it take to become a rock musician? A guitar

and no talent."

And gay vampires??? Give it a break. We all have better things to do.

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Yes - I did find it enjoyable, different - almost fascinating... The different nature of the four stories; most a departure from the formula gay movie in total, but even a couple of the stories were themselves unique. While vampire films & TV shows have been all the rage - even that episode was presented quite different than what we've seen to date. Most of the actors & technical aspects were quite good and if not exactly Oscar caliber they all turned in yeoman work! You may not love all four - one or more may not be to your taste, but you'll find something to appreciate in most - if not all, the stories.

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I am enjoyed this short film the independent film makers of this film have a bright future . I also Rate this as an A+++ film . Each story had a meaning . We all need a meaning . The people who wrote this movie were awesome . I enjoyed how each person met . the emotional Level of the short story really hit home for me. The people deserve a Standing ovation . I enjoyed this story very much It captured what perhaps a gay person goes through on a Daily Basis . The fiction of the vampire story was well written as well as the rest of the stories . It was done with great Taste , Howard Crowe Pittsburgh PA.

For me all four episodes of this bode typically of a 4-prong vanity piece. The writer, producer, director, editor put together some trite and predictable pieces, that, why watching, are pretty boring but worse

yet, now, the next day, completely forgettable. Watch them for yourself and find out.

The first film was excellent, particularly the pub scene, great writing, directing, and acting. It should have been the only short film, since the other 3 films in the anthology in no way lived up to the same quality. One would think the writer/director had shot his wad on the first film.

Everyone one of these shorts was touching.

All intriguing and the last poetic musing quite nice...

i cant see it whay

I liked the first story the best I think.

Three short but sweet stories of affection and bond of physical attraction and short lived relationships, good enjoyable stories.

Crazy - Unique - Thought provoking - Touching - Tough - Tender, but most of all worth it. Thank you FANDOR !

Very entertaining. very fine production. stories were all good; especially "Breathe" which was touching, smart and tender.

I enjoyed all four but the first didn't quite fit in. Painter and the last by far my favorites

Breathe is exquisite.

They were o.k.the only one that I really liked was the artist intern who realizes there is more to a person than their revealed arrogance! The ending was a surprised because nothing that preceded it even hinted at its culmination and actually raises a question or two about their future together. It would appear it was a one night stand and that was that?

it grew on me slowly, and left a charming impression at the last.

I watched Crush. Interesting but strange how the 4 stories were put together.

It was pretty good. I watched all three stories except Bloodline.

Some great production values! Very worth watching!

Very enjoyable. Worth watching.

Poignant short clips. Hard to pick my fav. They all seem to convey, recall my youthful tenderness and angst.


Definitely worth watching. Some unique story angles and some not so unique. I was happy to see attention on the content, but without some higher production values, it is only able to reach a certain level of polish.

Was good

Very well done. "Stroke" and "Breathe" were my favorites....Stroke with beautiful men.


I clicked on this movie, but, honestly, only expected another poor anthology movie similar to the 'Boy's Life' series. What I found was far more. Four stories that well told, well written and, overall, well acted. Four stories that seemed far closer to real life than so many others I've seen. Even in Bloodline, the emotional content was true and real regardless of the fanciful nature of the story itself. I thoroughly enjoyed Crush.

Really good, each short got better and better as it went on, I think the last one "Breathe" was my favorite.

i enjoyed STORKES and BREATHE the rest were okay...

beauty in many senses

Very much enjoyed these shorts. Each quite different from on another. Very well done.

the reviews below must be fake, or they were watching another movie, this was horrid..absolutely horrid. Nothing redeemable about any of the clips. From idiotic writing to lower than amateur film-making, and highschool actors...this was painful. This could easily be shown in a college film class as examples of 'what not to do'.

I thought this was a very good film

2 thumbs up great tales of different types of love

it was a very will told story

I really enjoy the stories. I thought it was well written and shot. I found myself being able to relate to the stories in some ways,being a lesbian. It kept my interest the whole way.

Interesting movie.

i loved the counter-casting, most of the vignettes and the hope and innocence of the ending.

Very good. Need to see more of this

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I loved it and I will watch it again.. I recommend this to anyone.

Each story was a personification of the title "Crush" and each a separate span from forbidden to the sublime beauty of poetic love. Bloodline and Breathe ran this ambivalent seesaw that brought back the clearest memories from my own past. The LOGO channel could only wish to have this quality of work and passion in its line up instead of the doldrums that seep through every hour wasted by plodding funereal mediocrity they normally sell.