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Crooked Candy2014

  • 3.7
Kinder Surprise eggs are enormously popular all around the world. From the foil wrapper to the chocolate shell, the plastic yolk capsule to the clever toy inside, Kinder eggs are practically a global rite of childhood. That is, except in the United States, where they're considered a choking hazard and are illegal. This is the story of a Kinder smuggler.

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What a great short film - loved it

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What a great short film - loved it

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top reviewer

Who knew? Smuggling in Kinder eggs from Canada? They do look cute though.

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This is the story of a criminal smuggler. He's already been caught one time with the contraband. Once more and he could lose his citizenship. What is this dangerous substance? Narcotics, illegal arms, counterfeit bills, does it involve the French Connection? No, its a chocolate egg with a toy inside.

Kinder Eggs are popular in Europe and Canada but banned in the US due to their size. They are a choking hazard. This is an interesting documentary. A little too brief in my opinion. I would like to know more.

The narrator laments that as a child he couldn't have the surprise eggs because of scarcity and expense. As an adult, he finds himself in the same predicament because of US legislation.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

top reviewer

Not a very provocative dilemma for most people, but a personal story that does raise a couple of questions about adults failing to find solutions to making conditions safe for everybody, namely children, while instead they focus on their own individual needs.

The power of chocolate strikes again, this time in a small tiny illegal egg that will imprison more than just your taste buds if caught enjoying it.

Great short, I cannot believe they are illegal in the United States. The Kinder eggs remember me to my childhood.

Smuggler with a heart of gold

Really liked the short. They should do a follow up on the Kinder "choking hazard" ban in the US.

I watched Crooked Candy because I was fortunate enough to live in Europe and have my fair share of Kinder Eggs. It would seems strange to someone who has never had the pleasure of unwrapping, eating and discovering what toy you have gotten, if they have never been through the ritual yourself. Brought back found memories.

A nice short film, filled me with nostalgia. Would have welcomed a bit more detail on how the toys offered have evolved -- maybe my memory is hazy but I remember more complicated things like cars and planes and not so many figurines when I was a child.