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also known as Chronicles


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  • 3.6
"One Hour with the Truth" is broadcast nightly from Miami across Latin America, carrying the hardest sensationalistic stories it can find. Star anchorman Manolo Bonilla has flown down to a small town in Ecuador with producer Marisa and cameraman Ivan on the trail of a child serial killer and rapist, "The Monster of Babahoyo." The accidental death of a young boy brings the town to the verge of lynching Vinicio Cepeda, a humble traveling salesman. Manolo's intervention saves the man's life, and makes a great story for his show. Vinicio is put in jail for involuntary manslaughter and he offers Manolo information about the "Monstruo" in exchange for a news story on television about his wrongful imprisonment. Manolo accepts, powerfully drawn to the dark side he senses in Vinicio. He begins to break the rules, determined to be the hero who single-handedly stops the killer.
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Member Reviews (2)

it was a very good show

didn't get very seemed a copycat of ' even the rain ' / so I paid it little, if any attention, - i'm pretty sure that Leguizamo would lead us to some violence, and the girl with him seemed docile enough to show a hunk of flesh, but that simply DOES NOT glue me to the seat