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Crimes at the Dark House1940

  • 3.3
The inheritance of a large estate leads to murder, when a madman kills the recipient only to gain entrance to the estate so that he can enjoy the life of luxury, but not everyone is convinced he is the rightful heir.

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Member Reviews (9)

top reviewer

An interesting little gothic murder tale, with themes that could not have been broached, I think, in American movies at that time. Worth watching.

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I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Love the Classics!

What a disappointment! I usually love horror films from the Brits ( B or otherwise) but this was a complete waste of time.

fun. dark. silly.

Not very good, poor acting. Greedy sleazy murder marries young rich girl (her guardian forced her). He then continues to murder others to get his way. Very B-type movie. Don't know why I bothered.

the villian and the damsel in distress pretty good