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Count Basie: Then as Now, Count's the King2008

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  • 4.0
Jazz great William "Count" Basie comes back to life in this rich documentary, which traces the history of the pianist, composer and bandleader over several decades. Filmmaker Gary Keys juxtaposes a roundtable discussion among old cats from the Count Basie Orchestra with recorded performances, including a cameo performances in the film BLAZING SADDLES. Archival clips and a gallery of portraits and snapshots shows the ever-smiling face of a man as vivacious as the grooves he delivers, his good humor suffusing the music and the players going at it all around him, from Lester Young to Ella Fitzgerald.



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Pretty good. Some of CB's band share their personal memories. Wish there was more about Count Basie's life and personal musical journey. But as a recollection of the band through the eyes of some of his players, it's a warm, personal account.

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The music is top rate, some of the stories are interesting, and some of the men are articulate and sensitive. But it's one of those "home movies where you had to leave in every word so-and-so said because this is the documentary" things that runs on a bit. I liked it a lot, though. The very last number is a real startler.

Sensational footage and interviews