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Cosmic Alchemy2010

  • 3.7
On ancient star maps of magnificent color quality, experimental animator Lawrence Jordan takes the viewer out of this world into a world of cosmic imagination. COSMIC ALCHEMY is thematically and visually consistent with Jordan's earlier shorts and yet, set to an evocative score by John Davis, the filmmaker has crossed into an unfamiliar and richly rewarding territory of metaphoric complexity. For the handful of folks unfamiliar with Jordan's work, COSMIC ALCHEMY will leave you desperately wanting more. For the rest, already quite familiar with his brilliance, this film will install a fresh appreciation for Jordan's justifiable position among experimental cinema's ascended masters.

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Mesmerizing visual and audio experience. Like some bizarre Tarot reading.

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Mesmerizing visual and audio experience. Like some bizarre Tarot reading.

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First taste of Larry Jordan. I have to say it made me really wish I had a big bag of circa-1977 marijuana and a hookah, and I don't even smoke pot. I think Larry may have, though.

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Very pretty, sometimes funny and always entertaining twenty or so minutes.

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Fascinating visual journey of metaphysics and the universe.

This is a coffee table book, or your mom's Kinkade painting. It's a beautiful thing that takes up space for it's own sake. I don't mind it's beauty. I dislike the pretense that it tells any kind of story. Any story that it might tell is not self contained within the work, and that's a failure of the artist. The work itself is inspiring however, in that it makes the viewer want to take this visual concept and make a REAL story out of it. The animation visuals and concepts are one-trick ponies that are unoriginal. The cut-out concept is one that is decades out-of-date. It is beauty that lacks any brilliance. Don't be fooled, but do enjoy it as the thoughtless entertainment that it is.

Larry Jordan--where have you been all my life! Trippy and surreal are understatements. A visual poem about space and time as scene through the poet's mind. Great.