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Corridors of Blood1959

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  • 3.8
In 1840s London, Dr. Thomas Bolton dares to dream the unthinkable: to operate on patients without causing pain. Unfortunately, the road to general anesthesia is blocked by a ruthless killer, as well as Bolton's devastating addiction to his own chemical experiments.


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Member Reviews (2)

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top reviewer

This film struck me as more of a drama than a horror film. It is a medical story with a Burke and Hare plot mixed into it. Although it was not what I expected, I still enjoyed it. A literate script and fantastic cast of mid-Twentieth-century British actors make Corridors of Blood worthwhile. Christopher Lee in particular stands out as the menacing Resurrection Joe.

Marketed as a horror film, CORRIDORS OF BLOOD is actually a well-made historical melodrama made in England. Boris Karloff is outstanding as a doctor who experiments with various chemicals to develop reliable anesthesia for surgery and ends up addicted to the concoctions. Boris is supported by plenty of reliable British actors including Francis de Wolff, Adrienne Corri, Finlay Currie, and Christopher Lee as the quietly menacing Resurrection Joe.