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Contact Zones2015

Frontier Journals V

  • 2.7
"FRONTIER JOURNALS V interrogates the anthropological concept of 'cultural contact zones' (the physical spaces where two cultures meet) in order to observe the seemingly strange practices of the tourists and pedestrians that encounter totem poles in a variety of public spaces. At numerous sites in Vancouver, BC, and Seattle, WA, I encounter tourists producing images of themselves in front of totem poles and wonder what this cultural practice signifies. " - Georg Koszulinski

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Member Reviews (1)

Pretty scenery, nice totem poles, but, this little flick doesn't have much meat on the bone. How can you guarantee that the people coming into contact with one another will be from different cultures, different backgrounds, and so on, and so forth? What if two middle-aged Mormons from Burlington, Vermont naturally run into one another at one of these spots? Would that make it a non-cultural contact zone?