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also known as Betoniyö

Concrete Night2013

  • 3.9
A stunning, dream-like odyssey through a beautiful and otherworldly Helsinki over the course of one evening, CONCRETE NIGHT follows the impressionable fourteen-year-old Simo as he keeps his soon-to-be incarcerated brother company. The official Finnish submission to the Academy Awards® for Best Foreign Language Film captures the pain and joy of youth through exquisite, eye-popping black-and-white cinematography.

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Member Reviews (7)

top reviewer

A black and white movie in love with white and black, all the tones harmonized by sounds and images of water, from drowning confinement, to puddles, rain, a small aquarium in close-up. Watch the boy's very white shoes. Inventive and satisfying as well as grim, the movie's imagery, framing and cutting, while slightly disjointing the narrative, are self-sufficient. The movie could well have been silent; and better, I think, when silent, at least in regard to dialogue, so as to eliminate the cliched pessimism, the lurking Bergman-like, even Kierkegaardian fear and dread so evident in frequent close-ups of faces. The photography itself says all that needs to be said; tells the whole story, minus the scorpion imagery; and embodies the director's and screenplay's intention. You may well enjoy watching the movie more than you can praise or commend it.

Similar thoughts. Although I didn't much enjoy watching it.

An ambitious film, a sumptuous downer.

The photography alone is worth the viewing. I keep wondering if you can read Pirkko Saisio's novel in English.

Really enjoyed the film. The lighting, production design and cinematography are worth it alone. The story and the acting are good as well. I will watch it again sometime just to enjoy the visuals. One of the best films I've seen on Fandor.

Concrete Night is exceptionally made with outstanding techinal achievements.These characters head straight into the abyss, soaking up every drop of depression, while lost in a deep haze. The film creates a life lived out of habit not intention. Even though they learn awful things about themselves and partcipate in violence they do mature within an environment of fatalism and futility. Simo seeks his own identity and reason for existence, but is easily filled with the wrong ideas . The film packs not just a considerable punch, but a resounding, stinging wallop. But the ending may be a foregone conclusion

The last scene made the movie worth it. Intensely beautiful ending.

Study of emptiness and adversity. Sad movie.