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Comrades in Dreams2007

  • 3.8
The lights dim. The surface brightens. Sound and image fill the movie theatre. Magic and dreams. COMRADES IN DREAMS is a valentine to the pleasures of cinema. In a world dominated by cookie-cutter multiplexes, formulaic filmmaking and commercial imperatives, filmmaker Uli Gaulke embarks on a journey to celebrate the essence of the cinematic experience by exploring the most alternative, "independent" strain of cinema owners and their film communities he can find. Employing a stunning use of film narrative, Gaulke, a former projectionist and cinema owner himself, interweaves stories spanning four continents... a traveling Indian tent cinema to a North Korean "film club," a Wyoming woman's dedication to her local cinema group to an open-air cinema in Burkina Faso, the world's poorest country. In this poetic evocation of their lives, he captures a sense of the universal humanity that the fundamental act of "cinema" evokes in each of his characters. As we watch COMRADES IN DREAMS, we remember our own first, childlike introduction to the magical dream world of cinema.

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top reviewer

Wonderful film that underlines the universal cross-cultural appeal of movies.

Anyone with a Fandor membership should appreciate this one.