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Command Performance1942

  • 4.0
A must-see for audiophiles and vinyl hounds, this promotional film brings the viewer inside RCA Victor's teeming record plant. Behind steel doors "guarded day and night," we tour a vast archive of master discs, an orchestra standing ready with the "The Blue Danube" and the countless chemical baths driving the small miracle by which this music is pressed into wax. - Max Goldberg

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Member Reviews (4)

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It's really cool seeing how they produced pre-vinyl records. I had no idea it was such a detailed process.

The best kind of educational film: one that satisfies a curiosity I didn't even realize I had. I was astonished by how labour intensive vinyl creation is/was during this era: from masters to "mothers" to pressers. And not a strip of magnetic tape in sight - original recordings straight to wax. Now I'm curious about the health problems labourers must have suffered as a result of exposure to so many chemical baths and metals dissolved in solution.

Glad to see all that plastic gone from our environment, "yay" for MP3

very cool!!! so cool to see how vinyl was made back the days :)