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Colon, Michigan2011

  • 3.2
"The Official Magic Capital of the World" is located in rural Southern Michigan. The town is called Colon (although no one can seem to remember exactly why). It is home to twelve-hundred people, fourteen churches, two competing magic shops and one tavern named Curly's. Ultimately, Colon, Michigan celebrates a community that believes in the importance of all things magical.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

Hurray for quirky, small-town Americana, and films that introduce us to these weird/wonderful little places. The world around us seems to be spinning faster and faster and faster, into a monstrous techno-social cyclone, so it's heartening to know that little towns like Colon, Michigan still exist, seemingly isolated from the effects of time and so-called progress. Perhaps that is the true magic of this place...

Nice little document. I really had to crank up the volume on this one, but if that was the intention of the film maker to create a subdued ambiance than Bravo. Thanks.