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also known as The Pace That Kills

Cocaine Fiends1935

  • 3.0
When small-town waitress Jane hitches her wagon to city-slicker Nick, she has no idea she's about to be driven straight to the depths of degradation. Soon her equally naive brother also falls victim to a criminal underground bent on enslaving America's youth via "dope evil." Poverty, prostitution, pregnancy out of wedlock, insanity and suicide ensue. This cautionary tale was originally known as THE PACE THAT KILLS, being a remake of a 1928 silent of that name (which is briefly excerpted during a nightclub scene here; look for the crying blond woman on the dance floor). With lines like "I'm gonna take you on a sleigh ride with some snowbirds!" and "There is no Jane now… I'm Lil, the gangster's discarded moll!" it naturally found new life as a campy midnight-movie favorite in the 1970s, that disco decade when, incidentally, cocaine became the recreational drug of choice for many. Now it's considered one of the classic 1930s drug-scare films alongside the likes of REEFER MADNESS and NARCOTIC! - Dennis Harvey

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