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also known as Ostre sledované vlaky

Closely Watched Trains1966

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  • 3.9
At a village railway station in occupied Czechoslovakia, a bumbling dispatcher's apprentice longs to liberate himself from his virginity. Oblivious to the war and the resistance that surrounds him, this young man embarks on a journey of sexual awakening and self-discovery, encountering a universe of frustration, eroticism, and adventure within his sleepy backwater depot. Wry and tender, Academy Award® winning CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS is a masterpiece of human observation and one of the best-loved films of the Czech New Wave.
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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

This film is a delightful, light comedy that ends with the tragic and sudden death of the protagonist. I really didn't see that coming. I have no idea what the screenwriter had in mind here. It's a very entertaining comedy all the way through until we have a tragic death in the end. The tragic ending didn't add anything to the storyline of the film, and really didn't make sense given how the first 98% of the film was such a good comedy. But this film, like all European films that I've viewed about WWII seem to have a theme of hopelessness and despair. None of them have a positive or optimistic ending. This Czech WWII film just waited until the very end to trumpet the same old message of hopelessness and despair. Looks to me like the poor people of Europe never got over WWII, even many years later, and their films just reflect that.

top reviewer

it's great a wonderful film_i loved it the 1st time i saw i love it still_MIlos is awkward & wonderful _his girlfriend is so sweet & wonderful_the girl that gets stamped is the same_his friend @ the station is totally cool_i think it's really beautiful_everyone is great_sweet story


It was fun to watch...kept my attention...a real great comedy-drama and a different coming of age and the anxieties of youth was very refreshing.