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Clean Freak2008

  • 2.7
A lighthearted personal essay on one man’s cleaning compulsion. Filmmaker Chris Hansen details his tidying neurosis with the help of his family and students. He details coping mechanisms (the fine art of stacking) as well as the psychological roots of his problem (a childhood mess in the kitchen). CLEAN FREAK tips towards deadpan comedy when Hansen stages failed attempts at self-help programs. Perhaps the best joke of all is that the film itself wouldn’t exist without its director’s obsessive personality.

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Member Reviews (6)

I thought this was pretty humorous, and, since it was autobiographical, it was fine by me that he made light of his own affliction. I appreciated the commentary about the piles and stacks, etc.

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Pretty bad sense of humor. He comes across as being insincere. This is not a documentary.

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top reviewer

Witty, personal film about one man's exploration about his mild OCD/freakhood. Good ending, music. What's up with that creepy, freak hypnotherapist???

top reviewer

Some of this was entertaining. Some of it prompted me to tune out and daydream. Funny bits and pieces but overall would prefer to have watched something else.

Dumb and uninteresting. Not funny or informative. Amateurish and cutesy. Don't bother.

Wish the subject had been treated a little more seriously. Most (though not all) of the attempts at humor throughout failed and were just awkward at best. Would like to have seen more interactions with the family and fewer gags.