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also known as The Origin of Species


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  • 3.7
Eliot Noyes, Jr. made CLAY as a Harvard undergraduate. Tracing the rise of life on earth from primordial ooze to the present in eight minutes, the film was enlarged to 35mm, released theatrically and nominated for an Academy Award® as "Best Animated Short Subject." Noyes' work included projects for Sesame Street, HBO, Pixar and MTV, among others.

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top reviewer

The idea behind this is not new. Claymation has been around for a very long time. As a genesis story of life, it is mildly genial to imagine explaining all of creation in 8 minutes. I found it mildly amusing. I couldn't wait for this exercise in creativity to be over.

This review really confuses me. I can't imagine the filmmakers took the "Origin of Species" label nearly as seriously as you are. That's a lot to expect from an 8 minute claymation set to jazz.

The evolution of life as filtered through jazzy improvisation and clay. Loved every minute of it.

Some really fun motifs - and excellent musical score.

A welcome clay-mation parallel to the Creation or Evolution portion of the Italian

Allegro non troppo.



A fun video with exceptional sculpting and transformations.