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also known as Enfants pêchant des crevettes

Children Digging for Clams1896

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  • 3.8
Children with shorts and dresses hiked above the knee drag their nets through shallow water in search of shellfish. Adults look on in prosperous dress while more distant figures walk the horizon. Each frame of this Lumière film suggests a developing impressionist painting.



Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

More varied and aesthetically pleasing than some other Lumière shorts... It is surprising to see the girls showing their knees. The beauty of dress like many silent films reminds me of how sterile and unattractive our own times have become.

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top reviewer

Quite fascinating to witness the gender dynamics in this early short. For example, the girls are allowed to roll up their dresses and get a little 'dirty' alongside their male counterparts without being forced to stand or watch while looking "lady-like."

Simpler times. Wonder if they found anything good?

Awesome short silent ... can't believe the beach attire .. even among the children.