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also known as Chicago défilé de policemen

Chicago Policemen's Parade1896

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  • 3.6
Dozens of Chicago police parade past the camera in rigid formation. Their uniformity and the strong diagonal of the composition make this an entrancing Auguste and Louis Lumière short. Even the men’s mustaches bear the mark of discipline.



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top reviewer

Certainly a matter of perspective. Quite intriguing to see this many police in Chicago in 1896 who were assigned to uphold the social order. I craved more scenery of the architecture than the stoic figures with expressionless faces passing our camera but this 48 second snippet did just fine.

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top reviewer

Try counting the guys without mustaches.

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top reviewer

Chicago Policemen's Parade? I can feel the graft and shakedowns coming through my computer screen more than a century later!!!

No surprises, no tripping officers or parade-day horsing around; a still frame and a synopsis tell you all you need to know.

It was fun and nostalgic.

Requirement: every cop must sport a mustache!

Wow..the cops looked scary and mad. My guess is that they were not too worried about bashing heads in whenever they wanted!

Nice to see Chicago's finest at the turn of the last century.