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  • 3.9
The Roaring Twenties come roaring to life in this hell-bent tale of two women dealing with no-good men the only way they can: by gunning them down. Soaked with gin and covered (barely) in garters and heels, this 1927 classic was the first film adaptation of a famous play, itself based on two real-life incidents of murder. It would later inspire the film ROXIE HART and, of course, the successful Bob Fosse musical (as well as the 2002 Academy Award-winning version starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renée Zellweger and Queen Latifah). Phyllis Haver delivers a mesmeric performance as the jazz-loving, free-wheeling Roxie Hart. She has a handsome husband and a lover on the side. Murder is her only way out. Though directed by Frank Urson, CHICAGO is the handiwork of Hollywood legend Cecil B. DeMille, who produced the film and added his spectacular sense of showmanship. A silent film in name only, CHICAGO roars with the sins and vice of the Jazz Age. - Jason Sanders



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The music really killed this movie for me, which is too bad, because it's not such a bad movie.

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You can just turn off the sound, it's a silent movie!

top reviewer

Rather lowbrow, but entertaining. 3 and a half stars.

top reviewer

A wonderfully lively and very funny film adaptation of what would later become a Tony and Oscar winning musical. Here you have it all unabashed and with a different ending thanks to Hollywood's need for bourgeouis acceptance. Great direction and perfect acting from everyone.

I wish there were more Phyllis Haver films available for viewing but like other silent stars, many of their films were lost long ago or were destroyed intentionally because of the films' flammable properties made them unsafe to keep.

A funny picture. It ends up good in the end!

Very good. I really enjoyed this flick my first time viewing. Chicago.