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Chasing the Chaser1925

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  • 3.5
In CHASING THE CHASER, written and directed by comedian Stan Laurel, a cross-dressing detective is hired to expose a husband with a wandering eye. Watch for a brief appearance of Fay Wray (of KING KONG fame) as the nursemaid.


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An interesting comic short directed by Stan Laurel (later of Laurel & Hardy fame). Frederick Ko Vert plays a detective hired by a suspicious wife. Ko Vert was a female impersonator who passes as a woman, at least in a silent film. Ko Vert becomes the maid to try to catch James Finlayson in the act of hitting on her. Finlayson, thinking that his wife is out, offers his new maid a drink and has her dance. The wife is watching all this from another room with her neighbor friend. It's an interesting movie showing a forgotten female impersonator who ran into legal problems later in life.