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Charles Manson Superstar1989

  • 3.5
In 1969, he became one of history's infamous villains, presented by the media as evil incarnate. CHARLES MANSON SUPERSTAR sets the record straight after years of media disinformation, and features an exclusive interview with Manson which allows him to speak for the first time without being censored or sanitized, as well as rare archival footage, police documents and photos. Filmed on location at San Quentin Prison, Spahn Ranch, Death Valley.

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Member Reviews (5)

Weirdly tedious pacing...morally questionable to give Manson a platform...the man is obviously mentally ill and completely narcissitic. We all know what happened. There were no new insights in this doc. Couldn't watch to the end, too boring.

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Some interesting primary source material to add to the record, especially the interview itself. Poor production quality (80s no budget video) and ponderous use of music diminish the impact. Still, much more edifying than the current NBC exploitation schlock called "Aquarius," which proves Schreck's point that the Manson is an entertainment brand as big as McDonald's.

This documentary seems to admonish us for taking an interest in the ghoulish career of Charles Manson, then indulges that same interest for itself. Apart from his ghoulish career, Charles Manson is a very uninteresting fellow, but he does love attention.

I hadn't looked into Manson much previously. He reminded me a lot of Charlie Sheen, and I think given different life circumstances, he would have turned out very differently. He certainly goes to some very dark places, but is highly intelligent and compelling as well, and it triggers thoughts of how much he is a product of yes, his own narcissism, but also a deeply flawed culture.

A different take on Charles Manson, capturing Schreck's reflection of the infamous personality. The sheer admiration for Manson, surrealist and absurdist at times, only portrays his subject that much more psychotic. Nonetheless, the documentary captured great footage of Manson while in prison, witnessing Manson's body language and tone is worth the view.