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  • 4.2
CHAMPAGNE is the true story of a young teen-age girl whose mother is incarcerated for murder. Living in a Catholic Children's home run by an order of nuns, she provides poignant commentary about her mother, her own situation and her outlook for the future. Starring the voice of the real-life Champagne, this award-winning film shows how hope can spring forth even in the most challenging of times. Featuring the voices by Ruby Dee and Linda Lavin.

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Member Reviews (1)

I was excited about “Champagne” as soon as I saw it at a screening in New York. The design is clean and sharp and the colors are vibrant. There is a young girl character – she is talking about her daily life and then you realize, (although you’ve been told) that she is a real person. Champagne’s early childhood had been very tough, but she remains optimistic now that she is a teenager.