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also known as Der Fluch der grünen Augen | Night of the Vampires

Cave of the Living Dead1965

  • 3.3
The police cannot solve the mystery of seven murders which have alarmed the inhabitants of a small village. They call in Inspector Doren (Adrian Hoven) of Interpol but the only clue the town's chief constable can give his young and famous colleague is the fact that each time a murder was committed, the electric lights in the whole neighborhood went out. The villagers believe that the murders of the young girls are linked to the vague shadows in the caves under the local castle and to the mysterious "Curse of the Green Eyes." They distrust the Inspector and offer no assistance when still another murder takes place in the village in the room next to that of the detective and the body disappears. Doren moves to the castle where Professor Adelsberg (Wolfgang Preiss) is carrying out some scientific studies. There he hopes to discover the secret of the caves of the living dead and unmask the culprit. But can he save himself and the Professor's pretty assistant, Karin, before the murderer finds them? In any event, given that this is identical to the version initially released in the U.S., we've forgone the usual "no dubbing" policy since it has only ever been available with this particular dialogue track.

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Pretty good little Krimi, drags in places but has enough creepy atmosphere to keep you entertained.

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This movie is a real oddball. It has its moments where it creeps into the territory of Murnau's "Nosferatu" and Universal horror flicks of the 1940's. Then you have this cool detective character sneaking around to jazzy score and you have a teutonic version of "Peter Gunn" (who tracks down vampires--Wunderbar!). The whole thing ping pongs back and forth between homage and parody, with the awkward and goofy English dubbing pushing it towards the latter. Still there's a certain element of mod cool here that makes it a little like "Dr. No" with Vampires. In fact, it's too bad the flick didn't push its way more in that direction. Pass the sauerkraut, and enjoy the movie.

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Pretty good little Krimi, drags in places but has enough creepy atmosphere to keep you entertained.

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Only one word comes to mind (CHEEZY) Another stinker.....

what a laugh!

Cave of Living Dead - wonderful and interesting turn on the horror fims genre.