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also known as Il castello dei morti vivi

Castle of the Living Dead1964

  • 3.4
When a travelling troupe of performers accept a commission from the mysterious Count Drago (Christopher Lee) and fail to heed the warnings of a local witch (Donald Sutherland), they find themselves trapped in the CASTLE OF THE LIVING DEAD. Terror ensues as they are picked off one-by-one as the Count enacts a diabolical scheme: the perversion of science to achieve immortality. A grim dwarf hero battles the Count's scythe-wielding henchman; a surreal secret museum of the Count's victims (whose number includes British horror filmmaker Michael Reeves) and the arresting Italian baroque setting all make for a uniquely cult film experience.

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"Some will live and some will die. Tomorrow before the sun is high." Not even Christopher Lee and Donald Sutherland (playing both the post-Napoleonic officer and the witch) can save this lip-syncing disaster.

Count Drago (no relation to his other famous role) kills and preserves beauty with a new drug he has created. A traveling troupe of performers arrive at his castle, and the man wearing excessive eye shadow wants them for his collection. His giggling, smiling side-kick does the dirty work. If it is not already obvious who is to be or not to be, the witch gives us advanced warning.

The worst part of the overdubbing is not that the film looks like a Godzilla feature (it does), but that the sound engineer didn't record the actual voices of the famous characters (Lee and Sutherland).

It is a mess and seems much longer than the stated 81 minute run time.

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top reviewer

Castle of the Living Dead, was fabulous. Incredible LOCATION kept everything in balance. Bravura acting perfs .

Owes a lot to Bergman's 7th SEAL, but uses it well.A nice find for those of us who are FILM HUNGRY

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A lot of fun. Creepy castles, evil assistants, human embalming and Count Christoper Lee presiding over it all. There are worse ways to pass an hour or two ;)

Fun movie. Christopher Lee is great, as always. The baroque setting is awesome: I wish that Catherine Breillat had used it for BLUE BEARD.

I thought I had seen all of Christopher Lee's films.This was quite the find!