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also known as Il castello dei morti vivi

Castle of the Living Dead1964

  • 3.4
When a travelling troupe of performers accept a commission from the mysterious Count Drago (Christopher Lee) and fail to heed the warnings of a local witch (Donald Sutherland), they find themselves trapped in the CASTLE OF THE LIVING DEAD. Terror ensues as they are picked off one-by-one as the Count enacts a diabolical scheme: the perversion of science to achieve immortality. A grim dwarf hero battles the Count's scythe-wielding henchman; a surreal secret museum of the Count's victims (whose number includes British horror filmmaker Michael Reeves) and the arresting Italian baroque setting all make for a uniquely cult film experience.

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Member Reviews (4)

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top reviewer

Castle of the Living Dead, was fabulous. Incredible LOCATION kept everything in balance. Bravura acting perfs .

Owes a lot to Bergman's 7th SEAL, but uses it well.A nice find for those of us who are FILM HUNGRY

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A lot of fun. Creepy castles, evil assistants, human embalming and Count Christoper Lee presiding over it all. There are worse ways to pass an hour or two ;)

Fun movie. Christopher Lee is great, as always. The baroque setting is awesome: I wish that Catherine Breillat had used it for BLUE BEARD.

I thought I had seen all of Christopher Lee's films.This was quite the find!