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also known as Danse macabre

Castle of Blood1964

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  • 3.7
When American author Edgar Allan Poe visits London, he is approached by British journalist Alan Foster, who becomes the target of a peculiar wager. Not believing Poe’s assertion that all of his macabre stories have been based on actual experience, Foster accepts a bet from Poe and his friend Sir Thomas Blackwood that he cannot spend an entire night in the Blackwood’s haunted castle. Once in the abandoned castle, Foster discovers he is not alone. He is approached by two beautiful women, a handsome man and a doctor of metaphysics who explains they are lost souls, damned to replay the stories of their demises on the anniversary of their deaths! CASTLE OF BLOOD is the English language release of this film. Since it was shot without synchronized sound, it couldn't be characterized as "dubbed" exactly. Every edition of the film is, in essence, "dubbed" (even in Italian). This, however, is the best available version of the film and, much as we'd prefer to offer it in the native tongue of the cast and the remarkable directors, that isn't an option at this time.



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Phenomenal work from two of the greatest Spaghetti Western directors. One of the leading examples in Italian Gothic Horror starring good ol' Babs.

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Phenomenal work from two of the greatest Spaghetti Western directors. One of the leading examples in Italian Gothic Horror starring good ol' Babs.

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A perfect rainy late night haunted house flick. It moves slow, but that's because it's carrying so much atmosphere on its back. After skeptic Georges Rivière accepts Arturo Dominici's shady wager to stay a night in an old manor where no one seems to live to see morning, we get deep into that black-and-white European ghostly vibe. It's where the staircases are always long and shadowy, the trees are all bare serpentine branches and the constant draft keeps blowing out everyone's candles. It's Gothic to the max. Director Antonio Margheriti gets way into it. Meanwhile, Riz Ortolani's music score is a beehive of organ that hits all of the right spooky-ooky cliches. Great scream queen Barbara Steele, she of the eyes as big as twin supermoons, scores a good part here as a mysterious beauty who lives in the supposedly empty house.

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This a very worthwhile work of Italian Gothic horror cinema. As is frequently the case with Italian horror productions, Castle of Blood has a plot that does not make much sense yet manages to push the film forward. The film unfolds like a nightmare, which actually contributes to the atmosphere of the film. The cinematography and the sets are superb, with an appropriate score by the great Riz Ortolani adding to the film's charms.

While I would recommend the films of Mario Bava or Nightmare Castle before this one, Castle of Blood offers a lot for fans of Italian Gothic horror.

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nice vehicular for the ethereal beauté de Barbara Steele l'incomparable!

but who the hell was Klaus Kinski playing? had no idea I was watching him! (in fact imdb does not include his name in the credits)

I first saw this film as a child on Philadelphia TV and it stuck with me ever since. I am glad that it is as great as I remember, perhaps even more so. This movie and the works of Mario Bava really influenced my love for cinema.

watch out for evil gates!!!!

Kinda of spooky!

Cool...I liked it!

A film with more Aka's than a fugitive; also known as Castle of Terror, The Long Night of Terror, Tombs of Horror, Coffin of Terror, Dimensions in Death, Danse Macabre, and The Haircut Horror (not really, but I'd pay to see that one). 89 minutes of Italian creepiness, starring the synchro dubbed Barbara Steele, (who cares what she sounds like?) Recommended.