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Casey at the Bat1922

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  • 2.3
DeWolf Hopper reads Ernest Lawrence Thayer's famous poem "Casey at the Bat" in this early sound short from 1922. Hopper was a relatively well-known actor at the time and he evidently recited this particular poem on stage with some frequency.



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Hopper first performed Casey at the Bat in 1888. At the time of this recoding, he may have done it some 9 or 10 thousand times.

The popularity of the piece suggests it was much more impressive in person than here in the recording. Still, after 90 years, Hopper's performance holds up well and gives us insight to what it might have been like to have vaudeville as a primary source of entertainment.

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Interesting to see the performance style of the past. I wonder how ostentatious he seemed to his contemporaries. Sad to see that even professional actors had dental issues.

Great, but no ending