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Cartoon College2012

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  • 3.4
Focusing on the struggle of students in an upstart Cartoon College, this engrossing doc makes it clear that the plight to perfect an art form and apply it to the real world is a struggle that is universal. Featuring interviews with some of the comics world's biggest artists including Chris Ware and Charles Burns, the film follows the fates of several student artists attempting to make their dreams into careers. The doc proves that you don't need to love cartoons to connect with the students of this class. CARTOON COLLEGE explores the many personalities of the school’s student body and how they cope with academia. The journey these students take are both heartwarming and heartbreaking, like any school, those with the most talent often face the biggest challenges. The doc shows that for many students, the struggle to succeed in an overlooked and often disrespected medium can be overwhelming.

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"...will delight fans of the form, while inspiring the unconverted to visit their local zine and comix store." - Dennis Harvey, Variety

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An "Art is Hard" documentary about students at Cartoon College, a two year school that thrives on pushing their students to the limits so that they meet their potential. Enjoyable even though I recognized only two of the face interviewed (Art Spiegelman and Chris Ware), this film is mandatory viewing for the weekend artist who keeps a 9 to 5 to pay the bills.

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The subjects were interesting enough, but the cartoons they drew were too neglected. While I realize there may have been copyright reasons for this lack of material, I came away disappointed.

Project Runway wannabe??