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also known as Dog Flesh

Carne de perro2012

  • 3.3
DOG'S FLESH deals with a complex period in the life of Alejandro, a solitary, fragile and unpredictable man who is crushed by the hostility of his mysterious past. The story is that of a man searching for a new identity, but who becomes lost among his own ghosts and obsessions: a man who begins to dangerously unravel and whose perception of reality is warped. CARNE DE PERRO tells the tale in 2012, of one of the torturers of the Pinochet dictatorship as he attempts to redefine and give purpose to his existence.

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top reviewer

excellent film_Alejandro does a great job_a totally messed up dude_it just gets deeper & deeper_i love all of the walking scenes_with the out of focus backgrounds_like a time to breathe_this guy must have done some heavy shit