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  • 3.8
Writes filmmaker Brent Green, "My Aunt Carlin moved in with us when I was a kid. She had diabetes and really wanted to die." CARLIN was shot stop-motion with life-sized wooden characters and stuffed chickens in the farmhouse where Green grew up.

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compelling, moving, but slam-style delivery has become almost a rule of performance, formulaic, descended from Patty Smith and laminated 20 years ago in Nuyorican venues. Don't know if he's even heard of Patty Smith or the strictures of fast and hot 3 1/2 min. time limit (one reason for the 'frenetic' pace) slam night spoken word, but his imagery and approach are so original, the presentation should be, too. ...


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A raw, inside out, stunner. "There is euphoria all around you."

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no did not love it

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I wasn't sure how I felt at first. But I liked it. Emotional and unusual.

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Okay, reminded me of a Dan Bern song.

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Utterly brilliant. An incredibly emotional journey, one wrought with pain, longing, helplessness, fear. The frenetic pace of a poet on slam night, rhythmic, clawing, desperate and raw. 7 minutes of honest pure emotion.

Well done.

Is a Great mix of every ingredient that I love in a film. Very propositive visually, They play with everything and Amazing narrative at the hand of great music

not a fan of slam poetry and visuals were not strong enough to carry the content

Annoyingly childish.

Very well done. The subject's rendition of a relative wanting to die is resentful, selfish, compassionate and welcoming.

Factual, but quite depressing!

It is has a lo-Fi feel the image and the sound quality, It's raw but wonderful like a Daniel Johnston song. It reminded me of it a lot. The sounds seem so random at first, but as the film goes it just makes sense. Creative, Lyrical, poetic, passionate, Raw... if I can put a little enumeration here! ;o)