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  • 3.8
Mostly on black space, the figures in blue perform a very compact and jewel-like opera in surreal form to Erik Satie's piano music.

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Creative, intriguing, an aesthetic statement and achievement of sorts.

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Creative, intriguing, an aesthetic statement and achievement of sorts.

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top reviewer

Wondrous expression of 19th century optimism of science, art, and invention with sardonically surrealistic imagery reflecting Satie's dadaistic humor, Perfect matching of musical theory with cinematic vision.

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top reviewer

Beautifully surreal animation whose graphics and rhythms only sometimes match Satie's sublime music.

beautiful, whimsical fun!

I love this musical score, now I know where to find it. Remembrances of Terry Gilliams early work comes to mind, if when he was doing Monty Pythons Stop animation nowadays as a somewhat more serious artist. As the score is so is this work, beautifully haunting, yet simply naive. Glad I watched it.