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Car Theft1956

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  • 2.7
When things go bad, they usually go bad early. Take young adults, for instance. When they go bad, they were generally bad much earlier. As kids, evidently. Like the young adults here. Bad way-back-when. Bad now. That can't end well. It doesn't.


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It's appalling that this propaganda actually did anything for impressionable youth. The acting was great, especially the car ... it did a very good job at convincing me it was a convertible. It vaguely reminds me of a parody of these type of videos done during a Simpson's episode. I think the video was called "Alice's Adventures through the Windshield Glass". In this video, the driver is the one who is critically injured and flies through the windshield onto the pavement at which point Troy McClure turns to the camera and says "Here's an appealing fellow. In fact they're a-pealing him off the street right now." The whole video probably would have been MORE effective without the child dying; this final slight just pushes the film into the improbable and morbidly fantastical.

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Like all good road safety films, CAR THEFT is a dreary, depressing ride. From the sparse musical soundtrack to the bored, sardonic narrator, everything about this film makes you wonder how many viewers swore off cars altogether.

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The Feel Bad Short of the Day Award

Poor Curly :( RIP