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also known as Le cimetiére des voitures

Car Cemetery1983

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  • 3.2
Combining punk rock and post-apocalyptic mayhem, Arrabal's outrageous adaptation of his infamous stage play is a gallows-humor romp in a wretched dystopia. The inhabitants of a junkyard at the edge of a nuclear crater live hand to mouth all the while being hounded by authorities from a corrupt government. Among them is Emanou (Alain Bashung), a punk rock star agitator doomed to betrayal by one of his own. A raucous and absurd retelling of the Christ story with thugs, murderers, pimps and punks, CAR CEMETERY is one of Fernando Arrabal's most rare and wanted films.



Member Reviews (4)

File this in your WTF folder. Awesome soundtrack.

Yeah, I tried but the cheesy nature of this mess made it impossible for me to finish it....

The sound tracks !

Top brass.