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also known as Plennyy


  • 4.0
Two Russian soldiers, the seasoned and laconic Rubakhin and the cheerful and frivolous rifleman Vovka, walk over the mountains and through the gorges of Chechnya searching for a guide to lead their convoy out of an ambush. Only a local who knows the trails can do it, but the locals are enemies, so they’ll have to take one captive. In the listless trading of arms, food and unkind jokes, a humane relationship appears, a relationship beyond the control of army regulations or politics but under the control of beauty. The kind of relationship that has no place here. The air is already charged with tremendous tension and the militants are moving closer and closer.

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Member Reviews (7)

top reviewer

I found this very moving. It is very well acted and directed. It shows how human emotions and values are crushed by war. No one is on safe ground as they are dragged down into the maelstrom of war. The film explores just how safe your values and humanness would be if in this situation. The characters are tangible, as if you are in with their group. Trapped by emotions, you slide with them toward an unforgettable ending.

top reviewer

A good watch.

4-5 stars, typical russian film sad but with great detail, military detail.

First Russian movie I have watched - it was interesting.

A run-of -the-mill "B" movie.

like all horrow moves an saspens