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also known as Al-qahira menauwwara bi Ahlaha

Cairo as Seen by Chahine1991

  • 4.0
This concise masterpiece by famed Egyptian filmmaker Youssef Chahine began as a commission by French television. Using his unique sense of artistic digression, Chahine transforms this portrait of a city into a self-portrait of a filmmaker. The film was banned in Egypt for its realistic portrayal of Cairo.

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Official selection of the 1991 New York Film Festival.

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top reviewer

Enjoyable short..much of it still relevant..see for example, the training for salafis

A good combination of the usual touristy stuff and subtle commentary on the teaming city..

Considering what is happening today regarding the attempted lease by Qatar of the Pyramids and Sphinx, as well as the call by some Salafis to destroy these monuments because they are "idolatrous", coupled with disastrous decline in tourism after the Arab spring: where is Cairo going?

A quick ride through the ins and outs of Cairo. Nicely put together this film provides a snapshot of how Egyptians see themselves and a world around them in 1991. You may not agree with the heavy handed disdain for The West but you can understand where this comes from by the evil portrayal of the slick rich due trying to buy the farmers land (and well being). The life of an Egyptian is a struggle to survive with the only thing they can count on being their religion which in the final scene the director mocks. Or does he?